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    I have a great deal of difficulty getting into your programs on my work computer.  Though I did okay on my IPAD, everytime I go into the program from work, Sharp Healthcare, it is almost impossible to get to any programs.  I signed in.  Went to HOME.  Hit all and nothing came up.  I am trying to get to the Search Inside Yourself and it is neither easy to find/locate and I couldn't even search for it if I wanted to.  This has happened consistently with WHIL and my work computer.  Please help.

    thank you

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    Can you help me.  I need tech support.

    Janeen Weiss


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    I have no problems with any other WHIL session except for when I get to 

    Emotional Intelligence 101

    Get Started with Mindfulness (Practice)

    It will not ever play. I tried to skip down to the 8th session in the series, which played, but now that (the 4th) session and all following sessions will not play in that series. The other series play just fine.

    Tech support please?

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